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We specialise in mobile app design and development to build products that delight your users and grow your business.

Individuals and SMEs running businesses may need automation to effectively run operations. This category of clientele may not have the capacity to purchase enterprise licenses but at the same time lack of automation is quite a challenge.

To handle this category of clients, we have invested heavily on software as a service to deliver premium services at the rates that anyone can afford. We believe that SMEs are the future of huge corporates and we believe if nurtured well, small and medium business can grow.

Creating new solutions is our drive and, by interacting with the SMEs. We are challenged daily to think and deliver new solutions every day.

Get the Best

Cross-Platform projects in React Native, Cordova, or Ionic, can benefit from our best-in-class Javascript error tracking and from the platform-specific Android and iOS SDKs that add device context to error reports.

Android, iOS, and Native projects get all the same features you use for non-mobile projects including:

  • Customizable grouping of error reports into issues
  • Stable integration with build systems and release management
  • Integration with symbol servers
  • Easy access to all the data via API
  • And, the best in class symbolication for everyone
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