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SPA Smart City is a solution for remote management and control of intelligent devices (sensors) installed in any part of the world. It provides the tools to collect the information of the installed sensors, to store the data, to generate calculations and to analyze it. The functionalities provided by SPA City allow to make intelligent decisions and optimize the available resources in real time.

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Optimization in public resources usage allowing the reduction of unnecessary costs and improving competitiveness

Development of new business models based on technology and innovation such as main engines of growth

Generate savings in green public areas monitoring CO2 emissions and oil consumption with fleet management

Control of UV radiation: awareness on protection against skin diseases (it favors the campaigns launching)

Sound reduction: less complaints by loud noise in areas with high industrial activity


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  • Geographical location of the devices.
  • Sensors filtered by category.
  • Most relevant information of the device as a popup
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  • Properties and values measured
  • Charts with configurable period
  • Information downloadable in a spreadsheet or PNG format
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  • Fast visualization of the different scenarios
  • Widgets organized in a grid
  • Configurable dashboards according to the user’s needs
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